..a note on Second Voice From The Moon..





There was a particular recurring night tremor that I remember vividly.

I would wake up to find, at the end of my bed, a terrifying staircase leading down to a murky hallway. I would peer down into the gloaming to see an open doorway exposed to the outside.

Through the doorway I could see the surface of the moon.

Out there lurked the great shadowy monsters that dominated the outer world. I would strain my eyes and ears to see glimpses and hear the strange voices of these mysterious creatures as they roamed around and passed the open doorway.

Many years later, recording some music, I was programming title ideas into a machine. The mini-disc player I was programming befuddled me and, in attempting to enter the names, the phrase

SECOND VOICES FROM THE MOON emerged from the screen.

Somehow I was transported back to those nights, waking under the blankets and bedsheets, peering at those id-like creatures down the crepuscular staircase at the end of my bed..